December’s Banana Drop with Greta Gremplin

Want an NFT from artist Greta Gremplin?

December’s Banana Drop with Greta Gremplin

We commissioned Greta Gremplin to create a special NFT for you

Want an NFT from artist Greta Gremplin?

From now until December 31st, share your NiftyApes dashboard with NiftyApes discord or Twitter to receive an NFT created by Greta Gremplin.

Additionally, 3 randomly selected participants will receive a rare Greta Gremplin X NotCreative mashup NFT.

How to get your Banana Drop

From December 1st to December 31st, you can participate in the NiftyApes Banana Drop on our Twitter or Discord.

  1. Connect to the NiftyApes dApp (
  2. On Mainnet, take a screenshot of your borrower screen
  3. If entering on Twitter, share your borrower screen on Twitter as a comment or QRT to this tweet.
  4. If entering on Discord, share your borrower screen in the NiftyApes discord’s  #bananadrops channel

Once you share your screen on Twitter or Discord, we’ll send you instructions for receiving your NFT. All participants will receive their Banana Drop in January.

Required: Screenshot of your Borrower Page on Ethereum Mainnet 

Any questions?

Any questions for our founders or our sponsored artist?

To celebrate December’s Banana Drop, NiftyApes is posting an AMA with Greta this week! Let us know what you want to hear from her on Discord!

Drop your suggestions

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