Community Update 1/12/23

Community Update 1/12/23

Product & Team Updates

The past two weeks, we've been hard at work on a Discoverability feature and making individual assets more accessible. V0.1 of both are now live, and we're currently iterating on both!

The biggest difference you’ll notice is the Discoverability feature: we’ve said “Goodbye” to dancing Bananaman and “Hello!” to the market view.

A lot of subtle style changes have shipped too, mostly to do with typography and IA. The polish on the experience will be continuous! Which is why we’re also looking for an amazing, details-oriented product designer to join our team at NiftyApes. If you’re a designer who loves sweating the details and excited to collaborate with our team here, reach out!

Community Updates

We’ve launched our first Community contest! We invite you to create a 30-second video explaining how NiftyApes is different.

Share it on Twitter, tagging @NiftyApes.

Reward: .15 ETH.
Competition closes on Feb 7.

The NiftyApes team will vote for the best 3, and the Banana Drop holders will decide who the winner is!

More info on Twitter:

Banana Drops

As for the Banana Drops, we had a successful first one with Greta Gremplin.

We were blown away by the attention December’s Banana Drops got. Our announcement tweet got more than 2900 retweets, and we had almost 3500 submissions on Twitter and Discord.

We've already minted 409 NFTs, and if you completed the steps and the form, your address has been whitelisted for the Greta Gremplin December Banana Drop. You can mint yours until January 31st. And we've already kicked off our second Banana Drop with Meshhup!

You have until January 31st to qualify for this drop. More details here!

Finally, for those asking "wen utility?" we released our Banana Drop Manifesto for those asking "wen utility?" The TLDR is, right now!

Banana Drops Manifesto
Answering “Wen Banana Drop Utility?” Before diving into Banana Drops, it’s worth restating what we’re doing at NiftyApes. Our audience has roughly quintupled over the past 45 days! Let’s outline the project we’re building and how Banana Drops fits into the picture. What are we building at NiftyA…

Thanks everyone for the amazing questions and to Messhup for the amazing chat. We'll see you in two weeks!