Banana Drops Manifesto

Banana Drops Manifesto

Answering "Wen Banana Drop Utility?"

Before diving into Banana Drops, it's worth restating what we're doing at NiftyApes. Our audience has roughly quintupled over the past 45 days! Let's outline the project we're building and how Banana Drops fits into the picture.

What are we building at NiftyApes?

We’re building the future of lending and financial services for NFTs because we believe NFT’s will be huge.

As NFTs represent more assets, NiftyApes will be the protocol that handles debt and financialization of a large portion of that asset class. Why do we think NiftyApes will do this? Because the future is bananas, and Harberger Style Lending Auctions create a better game for borrowers and lenders.

TLDR: We’re bullish on NFTs as a vehicle in which most of the world’s assets are digitized. We're building the financial infrastructure to upgrade that future.

So why Banana Drops?

We came up with Banana Drops in November for two reasons.

  1. We love NFTs and want to use them for everything
    a. We want to make and own more NFTs, specifically from artists we love.
    b. We want to experiment with new ways they can be used in crypto and web3 as reputation, rewards, and games.
  2. On-chain activity without context is useless. Banana Drops provide context and prove you were early.
    a. In order to earn a Banana Drop, you have to show up and you have to participate.
    b. We’re building something special here and want to make sure the people who influence its direction are here for the right reasons.

It's easy to look like an "OG'' when you hook a bot up to 100 wallet addresses and wash-trade for a couple of months.

By creating and awarding Banana Drops, we are raising the bar for being a community member and ensuring that everyone who participates is truly committed to building something special together.

We want to make sure that the people who influence the direction of our products and protocols are here for the right reasons.

How can you use Banana Drops?

Currently Banana Drops gets you access to the #banana-drop-holders channel in our Discord. We will use this channel as a way to start prioritizing what we build next, gut-check our early decisions, and find early contributors to the NiftyApes ecosystem.

Additionally, we’ll be gating features, contests, and rewards to specific Banana Drops holders. We’ve got a couple of features coming out over the next few months that will have special activities reserved for Banana Drop OGs. More on that in the future.

How can I get involved?

We’ve completed 2 Banana Drops and have 2 more Banana Drops planned for Season 1.

If you want to get involved, check out this month’s Banana Drop, or head to Discord and Twitter to see how you can participate.

We will also be minting special 1/1 edition Banana Drops to community contributors w/ custom Discord Roles, so keep your eyes peeled for ways to jump in and contribute!