Artist Interview with Greta Gremplin

We wanted to chat with Greta Gremplin about her experience creating art in the CC0 ecosystem and what attracted her to the NFT art scene in the first place.

Artist Interview with Greta Gremplin

Greta Gremplin is a mainstay in the CC0 and Nouns ecosystem, creating projects like Greta Mashup-Club, Rekt Nouns and the UnKnouns.

We’re thrilled to have her as our genesis Banana Drop artist. We wanted to chat with her about her experience creating art in the CC0 ecosystem and what attracted her to the NFT art scene in the first place.

Check out her work on Twitter and Barracuda

How long have you been making art, and how did you start?
I started at a young age. I've always loved drawing but stopped doing that for some years because of my IRL work and family. I didn't have the time to draw.

I restarted drawing more regularly, only at the beginning of this year. So I'm still catching up.

How did you get started in Web3 and NFTs?
I was always curious about crypto since I read about bitcoin some years ago, but I didn’t do anything about it because I was afraid and didn’t know anyone that was savvier than me.

2 years ago, one of my friends started talking with me about crypto and NFTs, and I was hooked. And I started researching more about it and focused my attention on NFTs.

Re: CC0 … how did you first learn about cc0? What attracted you to it as an artist?
I learned about CC0 through Nouns.

For me, CC0 collections aren't a copy-paste authorization,... as an artist, CC0 collections bring a lot of possibilities because everybody can have an input, a remix.

It is like you hear music notes; new music is composed every time anyone interacts with the base notes. It's like jazz music; there's an opportunity to improvise with other artists playing their music. CC0 collections create countless variations of the same subject that enrich the original collection.

That seems to dove-tail nicely into mash-ups. Were you a mashup artist before cc0 and NFTs?
I was going to answer no but thinking more carefully, I'm going to say "yes."

I've always mashed up my influences. But aren't we all a remixer of our influences? That's what makes everyone unique… Everyone is influenced by someone or something, and a combination of all of this creates a new creative individual.

Could you describe your process for creating mash-ups in the first place?
I learned the potential of CC0 mash-ups with the first masher I knew, The Noadz; he mashed Nouns and Cryptoadz, two CC0 collections. I understood then what could be possible to do.

Let’s talk about a couple of your NFT art series…

You just started a new 1/1 series called the Unknouns - tell us about it! It looks like a series of 1/1s featuring Nouns having adventures
Yes, and more.

The Unknouns will be composed of various series portraying the life of a noun, with many quirky and mundane things.

The first series was about monsters, but the underlying truth is that many nouns can look like monsters, but they are really nice nouns, don’t judge a noun by its head trait.

Finally, last two questions:

What NFT artists inspire you?
Too many… a few I admire in the Nouns ecosystem because they are the ones I interact with the most are Gremplin, Noadz, Messhup, Brandonmighty…there are many others, though.

If folks want to follow you, what’s the best place to follow your work and collect your art?
People can follow me on Twitter, I always post work, and other stupid things I do there.